Magician and Actor Bill Frost has over 20 years experience entertaining audiences of up to 3,000 spectators.



Professional, Captiviating, Unmatched


   ​Bill Frost is a 5 Star rated Professional Magician and has been performing magic for over twenty years. His improvisational style of entertaining and quick wit humor has had audiences all over lauding his show as a must see experience.  Bill is also a profeesional Actor and has appeared in feature films like Shilo and Box Brown as well as TV Movies such as FORCE. He has received IMDB credit and is continuously working on new projects. Visit http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5468398/. 


His official actor website is: http://www.actorbillfrost.com 

   Bill combines high energy stage illusions with interactive magic amongst the audience to create an environment that is fun for everyone present. His unique style of incorporating custom elements in his show has made Bill a highly sought after entertainer for corporations, schools and other organizations.​

   Bill has consistently been rated as a 5 star magician and entertainer by his clients and audiences from all over the State of North Carolina. Having a strong repeating customer base keeps Bill active with his clients around the year with fund raisers, parties, lectures, conferences, public performances and more. Bill Frost is hired when you need a true professional to go to work for you.

​  Frost Magic productions welcomes the opportunity to prove to you why we are worthy of your business. Our extensive list of clients and our high customer ratings have given Bill an incredible edge. We look forward to working with you and bringing you an absolutely unforgettable magic, illusion and comedy spectacle!


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